the hungry socks

the hungry socks

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A four track live e.p recorded at various venues is planned for release in the near future  

Ian Tilton’s new  book Set in Stone , the book charts the time he spent working with The Stone Roses, Ian first worked with the band in 1987, at the age of 23, and went on to photograph them 14 times over the next three years.  The book, co-written with Claire Caldwell, features more than 400 classic and never-seen-before images of iconic group, including their first TV appearance and famous Spike Island .

The Stone Roses And The Resurrection of British Pop: The Reunion Edition

The Stone Roses have become folk heroes, frozen in time. And their story, with roots in punk through post-punk, scooter boys, skinheads, Northern Soul, psychedelia, acid house and Madchester, is everything that is great about British street culture.'

Reni. Mani. Ian Brown. John Squire.

Names that will forever be remembered for creating their defining album The Stone Roses and a unique but inimitable baggy style.

Their phenomenal story was first documented by the man who was with them every step of the way: John Robb. And now, in this special edition of his acclaimed and intimate biography, Robb brings the ultimate rock 'n' roll tale fully up to date